Kehlani Raised $555K With Pro-Palestine ‘Next 2 U’ Merch

Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Kehlani is putting her money where her mouth is after supporting Palestine in her music video for “Next 2 U.” The performer raised over $555,000 in aid for Gaza, Sudan, and Congo with merch from the new single. “This song is about protection, something that institutions have failed to do for the people of Palestine, Congo, and Sudan,” she wrote on Instagram. “No one got us the way we got each other. Me & my team feel overwhelmed with gratitude for yall showing out for this fundraiser.” Kehlani sold T-shirts that were made in Bethlehem and screen-printed in Ramallah, both on the West Bank. Along with benefitting Palestinian families amid the Israel-Hamas war, the proceeds also go to families in Sudan, which is experiencing a civil war, and Congo, which is facing attacks by armed rebel groups. “We’re blessed to play a small part in a growing tide towards the truth about Palestine,” Kehlani continued. “We’re invincible together and I feel so inspired by y’all.”

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