Terry & Heather Dubrow’s Family Pics Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr. Terry Dubrow Reveals How He’s Doing Now That He’s Off Ozempic

There’s definitely nothing botched about the Dubrows’ family bond.

In the decade since Heather Dubrow brought her signature “Fancypants” elegance to The Real Housewives of Orange County and husband Terry Dubrow started making plastic surgery miracles come true on Botched, fans have watched the reality stars’ kids grow up right before their eyes—both on TV and on social media.

In addition to the many milestones, birthdays and holidays the family of six have enjoyed, the couple’s kids—20-year-old twins Nick and Max, Kat, 17, and Ace, 13—have also shared their deeply personal journeys of self-discovery as they’ve matured into their true selves.

In fact, daughter Max came out as bisexual, while daughter Kat shared that she is gay and son Ace is transgender.

And Heather and Terry couldn’t be more perfect examples of proud, supportive parents.

“Whoever your children are and however they identify, that’s your job love them, protect them, take care of them,” Heather told E! in June. “The most important lesson I can give to a parent of an LGBTQ+ child, or any child, is to listen, because people just want to be heard. I think as parents sometimes we want to talk with our kids and give them our words of wisdom and teach them our lessons and the truth is you learn a lot more by listening.”

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