The Lost Artist Is a Fun Game For an Artist of Any Age

The sequel to the original is full of charm, and art. You’ll explore a town full of puppets, Phénix while getting to know the residents. You’ll help them out with your art, like a new ad for a restaurant.

As you continue to improve, you can use your cash to buy supplies un the art store and get even better at your craft. The town’s residents can also provide you with some unique items.

Featuring point-and-click gameplay, it’s easy for anyone to enjoy the unique world.

Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist is a free download now on the App Store for both the iPhone and all iPad models. A $9.99 in-app purchase is required to unlock the entire game.

While I’m not an artist in real life, I enjoyed getting to explore the world and see how well I could paint with the digital tools. It’s a fun and intriguing game.

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