Watch Coldplay Perform Unreleased Song ‘All My Love’ at Athens Concert

Frontman Chris Martin hinted to the crowd that the unreleased piano ballad is scheduled to arrive in September

Earlier this week, Coldplay‘s Athens, Greece audience became the first to witness a live performance of their unreleased record “All My Love.” During the concert, which marked the band’s first in the city, frontman Chris Martin told the crowd: “We have a new song which you weren’t supposed to hear until September, but I’m going to play it for you now one time.”

Martin also urged the audience not to record the song and share it on the internet. “I know that that’s difficult to ask,” he said, “but if we could just treat it like a rehearsal between us.” His request was ultimately ignored, but it’s sweet that he tried.

“This is called ‘All My Love,’ this is how we feel about all of you,” the musician said to introduce the track. He performed the record solo on the piano as the final song of the concert.


“We’ve been through low/And through sunshine, been through snow/All the colors of the weather/We’ve been through high/Every corner of the sky/Still we’re holding on together,” Martin sings on the opening verse, leading into the tender chorus: “You’ve got all my love/Whether it rains or pours/I’m all yours/You’ve got all my love/Whether it rains/It remains/You’ve got all my love.”

Coldplay last released music in 2022 when they shared “Biutyful” and “Let Somebody Go,” their collaboration with Selena Gomez. Their most recent full-length album, Music of the Spheres, arrived in 2021. The band has been on a world tour in support of the record since March 2022. The run is currently scheduled to conclude in November 2024, at which point they will, presumably, shift gears to release more music with “All My Love” arriving in September.

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