Watch Dua Lipa performing live at the festival

Warner Music/BBC Dua Lipa (Credit: Warner Music/BBC)Warner Music/BBC

For the first time, the BBC is livestreaming Glastonbury performances to a global audience, with Dua Lipa’s 2024 Pyramid Stage set available to view on, offering fans a front-row seat to headline acts like never before.

Music fans around the world can tune into the livestream to watch Dua Lipa’s headline performance on Friday 28 June from 5-6.45pm EST (11pm-12.45am CEST) at Fans can also follow along with festival highlights, updates and analysis on throughout the weekend.

Seven-time Brit Award-winner and three-time Grammy Award-winner Dua Lipa is making her first ever appearance on the Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury’s main stage.

Glastonbury Festival is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world, and one of Britain’s defining cultural events – known for its iconic fashion as well as its unique atmosphere and memorable acts.

Here are the best ways to watch the livestreams on 28 June, and enjoy front-row seats to one of the world’s biggest festivals. 

Frequently asked questions

What time does the livestream start?

Please note that this scheduled time does not account for unexpected delays that can occur because of the nature of live music events.

What devices can I watch the stream on?

The livestream will be available to watch via a web browser on your laptop, tablet or mobile device. You can access the stream by visiting in a web browser or by following the link in the latest release of the BBC mobile app.

Will other performances be available as well?

No, we will only livestream Dua Lipa and Coldplay.

Will the full set be available to watch later?

No, the full set will only be available to watch as part of this livestream event.

Will any clips be available on demand after the event?

Will the stream be available in UHD?

No, the stream will only be made available at a maximum resolution of HD (720p).

Why does it not match the same coverage as what’s available in the UK?

Contractual obligations mean that we are unable to show wider festival coverage outside of the UK. The livestream of Dua Lipa and Coldplay’s performance shown on will match the live coverage streamed to UK audiences.

I’m having technical problems with the stream – what can I do?

Buffering can sometimes be caused by the connection between your router and your device. To play the stream smoothly and without interruption, you’ll need a good internet connection.

Here are some suggestions for improving your internet connection:

· Disconnect other devices using the same network

· If possible, try an alternative browser

· If possible, try a wired connection

Is there a cost to watch the livestream?

No, there is no associated cost or payment required to watch the livestream of Dua Lipa or Coldplay’s performance.

Can I watch the livestream from any country?

Yes, the livestream of Coldplay’s performance is available in all countries with access to the website or mobile app.

Can I watch the livestream from the beginning if I join the stream after the event has started?

No, unfortunately contractual agreements do not allow viewers to rewind the livestream, only to watch it live.

Accessibility Information

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide closed captions for this livestream event.

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